Does your dog need to eat meat?

There is a misconception about what we feed our dogs. Do they need to eat meat? No, they need
protein. Just like humans, the scientific community classifies dogs as omnivores. The current practice
is to feed our four-legged friends a lot of meat, but evidence shows that dogs can thrive on a meat-
free diet.
The dogs of today are quite different from their wolven ancestors. Wolves hunt animals like deer
and consume the meat right after the kill. Dogs, on the other hand, have been raised to eat what
humans feed them. Our relationship with dogs dates back 15,000 years, and for most of that history,
we’ve been feeding them food off our plate. Before the industrial revolution, it would have been rare
for dogs to be fed meat, as it was a premium commodity. In the 1850s, supermarket dog food came
on the scene and the pet food industry was born. But today’s dog food poses significant health
concerns for our furry friends. The type or quality of meat being used does not need to be disclosed
on labels, and it more often than not comes from meat unfit for human consumption.
These animals are called the 4Ds the dying, down, diseased, and dead animals that the FDA declares
unsafe. If it isn’t safe for us, why is it safe for pets? Third-party researchers looked into pet food
safety. A 2013 study published in Top Companion Animal Med analyzed 200 different dog foods for
nutritional adequacy and found that 84% had multiple nutrient deficiencies, some of which were
severe. According to a growing body of research, pet foods high in animal meat are also linked to
obesity, kidney and liver disease, as well as certain types of cancer. Contrary to popular belief,
complete proteins aren’t only found in animal products.
High-quality plant proteins such as yeast, fungi, and algae are complete proteins, meaning they
contain the 10 essential amino acids a dog needs to obtain from the diet. Amino Acids work for dogs
in the same way they do for humans. They help dogs build muscle, produce hormones, and fight
infection. “Dogs have co-evolved and genetically adapted to express enzymes that omnivores have.
Additionally, they can convert amino acids similar to humans.” Pet food startup Wild Earth is
fermenting yeast to develop a high-quality protein source for dogs.
The new pet food formula contains all of the essential amino acids and all of the protein your pet
needs. It’s sustainable too every pound of yeast contains 49% protein, compared to 24% protein in a
pound of beef. And the yeast fermentation process only takes 3 days. “Our pet food formula is made
with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the same strain of yeast as nutritional yeast, and contains the
essential amino acids, B vitamins, and important trace minerals.” Wild Earth’s pet food provides all
essential amino acids without the necessity for animal suffering and puts the debate to rest once and
for everywhere what kind of food dogs need to thrive.


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