Puppy training first steps

– Are you looking to give your puppy the best start possible? Well, today we’re going to talk
to about the puppy training the first steps that you need to do with your puppy.
Some of the things that I really might go to when I get a new puppy are something that
oftentimes we kind of take for granted as dog trainers, and it's worth pointing out some of the
great things that you can do right off the bat with your puppy to set the right stage for her. We
talk about using the word yes as the marker that says that dogs have done something
completely correctly, it is something that I will let my dogs know is the marker word, it's the
right word. Now how do we do that?
Well, we know dogs learn within a second, so if I can say yes, and then deliver a treat within
a second, and repeat that process hundreds of times, my dogs start to have a little bit of value
for the word yes. Now let’s try with your dog, you’re not expecting any behavior, you just
want them to know that yes means good things happening. So here's what you’re going to do
with him. You can get a little food, and put it right on his nose. You’re not going to ask for
anything other than just be someone pointed in your direction.
You’re simply going to say yes, and then one second later, give him a treat. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Yes. And you can see as I do that over and over and over, first of all, he starts to pay a little
more attention to me. Yes. But he also starts to learn those good things happen when he hears
the word yes. Good. Now you have done this a bunch. Now you don't want that to be the
attention-getter, but it has the understanding. It shows you that he's understanding that yes
means he's doing well, or that yes means good things are coming. Now the other part of this is
you'll notice he's trying to get the treat out of your hand, but he's not biting you. Sometimes
the dogs get a little bit frustrated and they'll get a little overzealous with their teeth. If he is a
little overzealous with his teeth, you’re not going to say take it nice, or take it gently, or
anything like that. You don't want to put a code word in.
Simply pull the food away and offer it to him again. Yes, good boy. And as long as he's
respectful at taking it, let's say he gently nibbles, or gently licks at it, then he gets the treat. So
we can teach both bite inhibition, and loading the word yes at the same time. So again, yes.
Yes. Yes, good boy. One of the first steps in puppy training is teaching the dog that running to
you is a fun thing. And with the help of a friend or a family member who can restrain your
dog, you can use some food, or a toy to build some drive, and with a good loud call of their
name, they learn that running to you as fast as they can is fun and engaging. And not only
does it teach them the basics of a solid recall, but it also lets them burn off some energy at the
same time.
When you're out in the real world we don't realize how many different things that your dog
sees. Some of you that get puppies in the wintertime, come springtime, your dogs have never
seen grass. So having them experience different footings and things that move under them, or
just strange things that come up with life is a good thing. So you find all sorts of different
We want to help build his confidence. So here's what you’re going to do. You‘ve got a little
food on his nose, and just going to encourage him to with you, and every time he does, I can
yes and reward on those new areas. Yes, good job, And you’re just putting some food right on
his nose. Yes, good job. Little plastic wires, a little wobble board, yes, good boy. Excellent.
Maybe up onto a plank. Yes, good boy. Excellent job. And then even onto some rubber
flooring. Good job. All of these things are things that they may experience as they grow up
and see different things in the world. One of the other first steps in puppy training is also
getting your dog accustomed to being lured in different positions. They're going to sit, lie
down, and do all sorts of things throughout their lives, so getting those used to moving those
positions can start them off on the right foot. So sit is the easy one to go to. Now when you do

that you’re not giving any command at all, you simply using the food and just tipping up his
nose towards his butt, and now that you've spent the time to load the word yes, you can say
yes, and then give him that treat. And then yes, you might lure him into a down position.


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