Should You Get a Standard Poodle?

Standard Poodles are amazing dogs, but are they the right dog for you? Today will answer that
question. So, Standard Poodles are amazingly talented and gifted dogs at reading body language.
They are very intelligent and make wonderful companions. They're great working dogs. They excel at all the things, especially where body language is concerned. They make wonderful, wonderful service animals, but they got some drawbacks.

So, for us to have dogs, we had to find a hypoallergenic dog breed that didn't bother their allergies, and we also had other requirements aside from just hypoallergenic for dogs. I wanted a dog that was easy to train, and that was smart, and that didn't shed, and Standard Poodles fit that bill because they're hypoallergenic in the sense that they don't have fur, they have hair. So, their hair will keep growing just like the hair on our heads, and they have far less of the dander that other animals have, because they're not constantly shedding, so it doesn't get into the air.
Standard Poodles are very affectionate as you can probably tell by the dog laying in your, I definitely
would describe my poodles as Velcro dogs, because they want to be wherever I am, doesn't matter
what I'm doing. I could be in the bathroom, and they want to be in there with me. I haven't gone to the bathroom alone in 10 years. So, you know, the dogs are always there. I prefer minions or partners in crime, but they do follow me from room to room. If you are not somebody who wants a
dog around all the time for companionship, you may not want a Standard Poodle, because these
dogs thrive with people.
This is not a dog that you get to buy and just leave in your yard. In fact, in my opinion, you should
never do that with any dog. Standard Poodles are, because they're so smart if you leave them alone, and they get bored, they can be destructive. They can rip up walls, chew holes in walls, chew holes infences, and dig holes under a fence. Like, I mean, these dogs will do that. They get bored, they'revery tenacious. They'll just start doing' stuff like that.
When Phaedra was a puppy, she started trying to like, dig a hole to China in my backyard, and I was
like, oh, that's not good, can't let that happen. So, I could never let her out in the yard unsupervised as a puppy, because she just wanted to immediately go to that spot, and start digging. These are not dogs you just kind of leave around. So, Standard Poodles, as I mentioned, are extremely intelligent.
That usually makes them easy to train, because they are usually people pleasers. With my dog, I did
clicker training, a clicker to capture the positive behavior, and you feed them a treat. And so, they
respond well to that. So, in general, Standard Poodles are going to be a medium-large dog breed, and that means they're going to be between probably 40 and 90 pounds on average.
My girl are on the small side and they're around 50 pounds. So, they're not that big, they're not that small. I think they're perfect for me. I know that you can get some large male Standard Poodles that
are closer to that 90 or 100-pound mark, and the reason I would not try to find an extra-large dog of
any sort is that extra-large animals and extra small animals have extra health issues. So, it's better to find your pet in the middle. So, Standard Poodles are good with other dogs, they're usually good with
cats, and they're usually good with kids.
So, let's go through the positives again. Very smart, easy to train, don't shed, excellent at reading
body language, sweet personalities, excel at pretty much any job you give them, those are a lot of
great things, but what about the drawbacks? So, number one is probably going to be grooming. I
don't mind the grooming aspect, but a lot of people do. I have a mobile groomer who comes to my house every four weeks on a schedule to groom my dog .I am terrible with the scissor work to try to get it perfectly rounded, and I just gave up. So, I'd rather pay a groomer to do that. But if you're more talented than I am at cutting hair, or grooming dogs, you can groom these dogs with no problem. So, number one is the grooming.
Number two would be poodles do have significant health risks, and the number one risk, in my
opinion, is Addison's disease, which mine has. Now, you're supposed to be able to avoid that, by going to a reputable breeder. With my dog, I went to a reputable breeder, there were all of the testing that were supposed to be done with the health, nothing showed up, and yet, she still ended up having Addison's. So, that was very surprising, to say the least. And it's not an inexpensive thing to take care of.


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