Stop doing this to your dog

You love your dog right? Sure you do. But, are you showing your love in the wrong ways? Or even
harming your dog? Perhaps, let’s find out.
Let’s say your dog dashes out the door when you’re trying to leave for work. Quite simply, it’s
aggravating, to say the least. But, refrain from scolding or reprimanding your dog, especially after
you’ve retrieved it. Scolding your dog after the fact does exactly the opposite of what you want your
dog to do. It sends the signal to your dog that recalling is a bad thing. Instead, praise your dog for
returning, and then later start working on door manners and recall. I won’t go into details here, but
you can find plenty of information online on how to train your dog not to run out the door and how
to get your dog to come when called. If your dog does escape, remain calm, don’t chase the dog. One
technique that has been said to work, although I’ve never had to use it, is to sit down and pretend to
be hurt. If you have a bond with your dog, she’ll likely come to check on you.
Your dog actually might not hate that you overfeed it, but it’s not in your dog’s best interest. Dogs
are among the world’s most proficient beggars with their pleading eyes and sad expressions, I'm
guilty of giving in to the begging myself. But overfeeding your pets is a real problem that you as your
dog’s provider should refrain from. Overfeeding your dog can get out of control and next thing you
know they are considered obese. This leads to health problems such as diabetes, arthritis and even
liver failure. They start to lose energy which leads to them being quite unhappy. This doesn't mean
you should starve your pets.
Just feed them their regular meals and give them something extra once in a while as a special treat.
Feed your dog for their optimal weight, not the weight they are. Also, avoid table scraps and feeding
the dog under the table. This untraceable calorie intake adds up quite quickly. To avoid the begging,
train your dogs to wait away from the table until you’re done eating and then give them a healthy
treat for their cooperation.
You’ve always got to think about the signals you are sending your dog when you reprimand them. For
example, when you scold your puppy for having an accident on the floor, most likely you are not
telling her not to potty in the house. The message you are sending is “don’t let me see you pottying”.
This causes two problems for you. One, your puppy will hide from you to do its business. Secondly,
when you take your pooch out to potty, it’s going to not want to do the deed in your presence.
While, potty training, you want to keep an eye on your pooch. You’ll quickly learn to spot the signs
that they are looking for a place to go.
When you see those signs, calmly and lovingly escort your puppy where you want it to go, whether
that is outside or on a piddle matt. Also, schedule regular and frequent trips to the potty. Dogs are
good at sticking to schedules. As your dog ages, you can take your dog out fewer times throughout
the day. A fun thing is to teach your dog to ring a bell hanging from your doorknob. This gives them
another way to communicate their needs. Training is, after all, a way to learn to talk to your dog and
for them to respond in kind.
This should go without explanation, but if there is any reason for you to make your dog live outside
on a chain, just don’t get a dog. If you have one already, just do him or her a favor and find them a
loving home. Sorry, not sorry. That’s no way to live life. A prisoner. A living nightmare for a social
animal that has been bred for millennia to be a human companion. Without the liberty to move
around, play and interact in their natural behaviors, dogs kept on chains become bored, lonely,
depressed and frequently aggressive. Chaining confines a dog to a small space, and they are not free
to explore and engage with other pets or people. Many dog caretakers who keep their dogs chained

up often don’t realize the emotional and psychological harm it inflicts — and most don’t check on
their dogs often enough to notice.


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