Why do dogs cry?

Why do dogs cry? as we all know humans cry for a variety of different reasons, and dogs also do,
dogs cry thoughts so many different reasons I'm going to answer all of them in here. Let’s just get
started, so we have eight different reasons as to.
why your dog might be crying, the first one is if they are stressed out obviously a lot of the times
every human get stressed out they're going to be their fault or emotional, and this is very similar to a
dog if there is a stressful situation and I cry or mode or just not being during the situation, so stress
can be a massive factor in to why your dog is crying. now the second reason is a peace manner they
just might not feel safe and secure in assess the situation, so if they do start praying in this situation
I'm comparing with them and take them out a bit because they are not enjoying it, or just give your
dog some reassurance because that might just be all the need.
now the third one is its separation anxiety, this is one we have seen a plenty of times and I'm sure
you guys have as well if your dog is separated from the owner for a long period of time, they will
start to cry it's just a known fact, so a good way to do this is to condition your dog to be okay with
being alone to start with a small amount of time and gradually get this time bigger as you move out
of the house for a longer period of time.
now the fourth reason is because your dog might be in pain, actually a lot of dogs that suffer from
chronic pain it don't tend to cry a lot and I think they just sort of get used to it really, which is quite
sad but if your dog does have a cute pain they can actually cry quite a bit, so a trip to the vet might
be in order for your dog the next one is if your dog is a little bit of a diva, and that is if they are
wanting attention obviously again this is very similar to a human, if a human is again might get
emotional because they've not got that interaction and they might need so, just if your dog starts
crying go over to them see if they're okay if they stop crying all they wanted was a bit of your
number six is if your dog has age-related dementia this basically just means when your dog can start
getting a little bit confused and it feel like they are lost, which they might start to cry because they
are in an unknown situation or unknown atmosphere, so this can also be a reason if your dog is
getting look older this would definitely be the reason, but I could say maybe a trip to the vets and to
get a bit of advice might be the best of me.
number seven is because your dog might just be excited a lot of time, if you have come home from a
long shift and your dog is so excited to see you they might just start crying, because they are so
overwhelmed with emotion that you're finally here that the might just start to cry. and then number
eight it's obviously your dog might just be speaking words to you, we don't know sometimes I always
think when my lip is speaking or moaning or make you some sort of noise, that he is trying to tell me
something .


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